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I’ve heard is said we’re to cherish our children because they are the footprints we’ll leave behind.

I'm Chelsey Sanders, and my footprints are probably like yours… they have names!  Rush & Georgie~

Rush is the one that challenges us every hour of the day but comes looking for us when the day is over and it’s time to snuggle.

Georgie is our baby.  She has my eyes and her daddy’s nose… and a will all her own!

Being their mom has made my life so much richer… and bigger!  And I’m loving almost every minute of it! 😊

One thing I don’t love, however, is searching everywhere for things like birthday party gifts, or gifts for an upcoming baby shower and finding nothing that I want to put my name on… or the names of Rush and Georgie!  And then… you know what’s coming… there’s the problem of shopping for kid’s clothes and accessories!  Boy!  What fun! ☹

Tell me… why does everything look the same now?

And are you like me and find that their clothes are so expensive that you need to factor in how long your family can tolerate pb & j suppers when selecting their wardrobe for the upcoming season?

Well, do I have the answer for you!  At Fox in the Hen House Gifts, located in Gordo, AL, we have created a premiere boutique and gift shop for not only the children in our community and surrounding area, but for yours as well!

We carry a variety of children’s clothing lines… some you’re familiar with, but others… maybe not so much.  And that’s intentional.  We want our little “chickees” to look great but also have a look that’s all their own!

We also have an outrageous collection of the best that the toy world has to offer!  So gift giving can be fun again!

In a nutshell… it’s time to give Fox in the Hen House Gifts a try! 

I can promise you… you won’t be disappointed!