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Alrighty now.  It may look like I’m Chelsey’s little sister… but I’m not.

It’s true… I’m not a Sanders… but I am a member of the Fox in the Hen House Family!

I’m Della Vail.  I’m the one in the Hen House that finds Chelsey’s lost wallet at least three times a week… the one that let’s Mrs. Kim know when it’s time to come down to earth (she tends to get these ideas that take on a life of their own), and the one that makes sure the “Open” sign gets turned around in the morning, and the “Closed” sign gets turned around in the evening.  

I’m the responsible one of the bunch!

And in my role as the “responsible one” I’ll tell you a few things that you may not know about Fox in the Hen House Gifts:

  • The name of the shop is a combination of the family’s wedding venue (Foxwood) and the family’s hen farm (Henpecked). 
  • We have an amazing selection of women’s accessories, home décor, men’s gifts, children’s clothing and toys.
  • We support our local vendors… so you can find Verses apparel, Hamner Hill Designs, Magnolia Lane soaps, and Jewelry from Rhyes Greene. 
  • We love and appreciate our customers!

So come by soon.  And when you're in town, you can also swing by J's Outlet and Caroline's Corner and shop for women's apparel and accessories.